John Gordon Published Books

The White Bronco by John Gordon

In The White Bronco follows Leo, who often felt that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. On June 4, 1994, he was in a white Ford Bronco on Highway 405 outside of Los Angeles. Every law enforcement officer within one hundred miles was looking for a white Bronco and a fugitive named O. J. Simpson. And so Leo did what any Vietnam veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder would do: he ditched the beer, threw the joint out the window, and panicked. He steered off the freeway and into the unsuspecting life of an angel. The ride that had started in a Los Angeles suburb tripped through Southeast Asia, New England, the Florida Keys, New York City, and Palm Springs and finally ran out of steam in Hawaii, and along the way, Leo found his life and his love.

Catching Shadows by John Gordon

An introspective and imaginative discovery on a primeval Canadian lake; a brave boy defending his family in a struggle between love and hatred, injury and pardon; the despair of a woman trapped on a bridge and held hostage to the witness of the World Trade Center collapse; the sadness, joy, vulnerability, and strength of a young New York City couple who lose each other but keep seeking love; and the quirky narrative of a young Southern girl reporting on the comical entanglements of her Georgia family—these and other tales await you inside this volume of Catching Shadows.

Maggie's Hope by John Gordon

The day began as most of the other days had begun. Beth’s husband snuggled close. He smelled of after-shave and toast. He kissed her and their baby boy good-bye as he headed out the door for the train station and work in New York City.

Etienne’s fiancée kissed him good-bye, too, told him the coffee was started and that she just had to run downtown and would be back in an hour or two.

And then two airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center towers, killing almost 3,000 people—among them Beth’s husband and Etienne’s fiancée. The lives of these two are irrevocably changed and as they each struggle with the grief of losing the people dearest to them, grace unexpectedly finds its way into their lives.

Their healing begins cautiously with the help of two very different souls; two survivors who are both named Maggie.  Follow their poignant odyssey and discover the quintessence of Maggie's Hope.

Getting  Acquainted by John Gordon

There comes a time in each man’s life when he will stand before another and give an account of his life. It is a moment of inventory, reconciliation and reflection, an opportunity to acknowledge and perhaps a time to ask for forgiveness. In Getting Acquainted, that time has come for Monroe. His hard life stares back at him in a mirror of pain, despair, success, failure, and flashes of unbridled joy. He confesses with candid detail a journey of confusion, fear, and unanticipated courage.

From the counter-culture commune of California to the war-torn peril and horror of third world conflict, Monroe strives to recall the passages of a lost soul, a warrior, a lover, a devoted father and a loyal friend. Overwhelmed with a sense of liberation, he presents himself to the deity he thinks he knows, to receive the judgment he fears to accept.

Wendy's Angel by John Gordon

Wendy feels abandoned and alone in a cold northeastern college town surrounded by the untroubled youth of her generation. She has escaped the bleak existence of her past—caring for a father wallowing in alcoholism and self-pity— but she shares nothing in common with the carefree crowd around her.

Finally convinced that her abdominal pain is the cancer that stole her beloved mother, she seeks aid and solace at the Emergency Room. Despair compounds Wendy’s depression when she discovers that she is carrying a child. Guilt wracks her as she struggles with her infidelities and shame humbles her before the handsome young intern so anxious to help her.

Teetering on the edge of a high cliff of helplessness, grace rescues Wendy in the form of her meeting with the young intern and the miracle of life within her. Join her as she transcends from an existence of desperation to a life of unforeseen joy and promise in Wendy's Angel.

Dawn's Splintered Light by John Gordon

In Dawn’s Splintered Light, John Gordon brings together a meditative collection of thoughts, quotes, musings, devotionals, opinions, editorials, ticklers, and wincers. Join him in this enriching journey of the mind and heart. This is the second book in his daily reflections series.

Hiding in Plain Sight Light by John Gordon

Time marches on, bulldozing obstacles, ignoring impediments and complications. It takes time to realize that there is no time like the present and longer, perhaps, to realize that there is no better present than the gift of time.

An excerpt of the book Hiding in Plain Sight:

  We cannot be perfect, it’s a status we’ll never attain, but what we can do is strive to be admirable, perhaps not as good as perfect, but the best that humans can hope for.

Paul's  Call by John Gordon

Paul's Call started it all; it brought back the anxiety, fear and insecurity that Jake had felt most of his life. That telephone call propelled him on a cross-country trek that was sure to end in disaster. It ripped him from the family and the happy life he had built and brought him back to the unforgiving and manipulative family that he had left.

Across the country the deadening roar of his motorcycle plays counterpoint and backbeat to the memories of the history of his life; a life of chaos, destruction and frustration playing in his head.

Jake returns to the fold to set things right once and for all but it will not be so easy.
People, places and events spin out of control quickly upon Jake's arrival. Now it is up to him whether to drown in the whirlpool or finally put an end to the disorder.